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Without a Goal no one is safe from the too cold too dark monster!

Posted on 15 June, 2018 at 2:30 Comments comments (1)

You can get up and be what ever you want .. you just need to decide.  The problem is most times we let the seemingly little things step up to ruin the dream or desire we have for ourselves.

This post comes to those who are stuggling at the moment to feel motivated at the moment. I have heard it numerous times from clients over the last week or so and I have stepped to that door myself at times so what are the strategies I use to get through this time.

SInce I returned from Bali and my magical week long trip I have not felt flat .. but I have been thinking what next.  It is motivating to get up in the cold or when it is raiining when you know it is part of a bigger plan and I have done enough events in my life since being a Personal Trainer that doing the work is what gets you across the line better (or worse). 

Due to the ongoing press and sharing around the Bali Hope Ultra I am continually talking about the week and the race so it does keep me focused as I want and desire to live with integrity and authenticity. At the moment this is my goal, although to be perfectly honest is that enough.   Yes it is and it says two things.  It is focus and purpose ie your goal that makes magic happen. I have got great memories from May 23-29 to keep me on track to live with happiness , gratitude , purpose and LOVE authentically and I found that again with Running. So my goal is to keep up the passion for a long long time to come.  With a few events here and there for a bigger purpose then me.

So for me to step into these types of challenges... I need to stay on track. Ie take one step at a time focus on where my body is at and pray through the good and bad to get through. Ultra running teaches you these things. The darker moments not just of light but of pain and suffering as you struggle to walk let along run.. 

The biggest takeaway and thus giveaway to you who ever is reading this is take daily steps to get on yourself on track. I am so thankful that at 45 I could prove to myself and show probably a few others that life can have no limits. Embrace the Impossible and shocked people quietly. or maybe just shock yourself into life.

My purpose for this blog is to start to help even just one person get life back on track. You do not have to run an ultra you just need to feel better about yourself so do as I do.

Keep it simple.

Write a list of 5 things you know you should be doing. Pick two and do them for a week. Every day no excuses no compromises. You will not get a medal but you will see what you can do when you focus. It seems to easy so you may not do it... But if you do it will so be worth it... So get out of bed in winter if you want to go on that holiday is Summer.. So when the tough stuff really comes at you... You are so ready to face it... 

Keep it simple...

Pumpkin Porridge - Not just for Breakfast

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You will not believe some of the ingredients for this recipe... I am shocked at how good it tasted too...Inspired by breakfast idea at Kirra Beach Cafe...

Served warm you can have for Breakfast lunch or dinner when you read the ingredients


Quarter Head of Cauliflower - made into rice or cous cous consistency

200 grams of pumpkin - roasted in the oven with salt and cinnamon

Packet of Tuna ( I know can you believe it)

I have added progession photos to show you steps.

Bali Hope Ultra 23-29 May 2018 the start of something BIG

Posted on 7 June, 2018 at 19:50 Comments comments (0)

I had no expectations going to Bali on my fitness.. Getting it done was going to be hard I knew that. 84km is not a walk in the park it is a long way and in the dark an added element. And the dogs… If I had have sat and thought through it all I would have probably not even registered in December last year. My biggest obstacle at the time was the money. Could I afford to go and could I raise the money?Both obstacles have been overcome numerous times in my life. I know the old saying too if it means something to a person finding a way is always possible.

A thought of turning 45 and not really employed conventionally anymore has more fear for me than running and helping others ever could… and reality is that just shows perspective. I simplified all I had to do when I signed up in December to run the first Bali Hope Ultra… run for some who can not help themselves at the moment… then all barriers were gone.

The week in Bali before during and after the race was so much more than that but it was that simple to get me up from December 2017 to May 2018 and get the work done. The results for me personally only happened because I showed up to do the training and committed to helping a cause bigger than me. I pushed past the “tough” life I was leading and made me focus on something else made me a better person and that’s a win win.

As I reflect on what is important in this life I have to step away from convention and just feel what is right. What is my purpose and how do I want to show up daily is actually what gets me up out of bed. The world is unfortunately full of a negative feeling because “we have to dos” or “its whats always been done” so we then we start dictating rights and actions based on these things rather than maybe just changing perspective. Don’t get me wrong there are storms for us all.

Some people have worse than others but as we grow and weather these we become better. I know where I am now on so many levels is far removed from who I was 10 years ago , 20 even 30 years ago. Going to Bali highlighted this more for me too. I went to Bali when I was 14 with my parents and siblings. I loved it then and have returned a few times like every 15 years… I have seen so many changes but some things have really remained the same.

The core the essence of the place. Some call it Bali Magic I just call it Love and Support…

Show up Everyday - Training just 15 minutes

Posted on 9 March, 2018 at 1:45 Comments comments (0)

I have a very good trainer friend who says that you only need to start with 15 minutes every day and to be honest if thats all the time you have great use it wisely.

Sometimes I find once I have started on the 15 minutes I  just keep going as the energy to start was all I needed. MIndset is a massive thing. Sometimes if you think it is only 15 minutes " I will make it more intense" and some days that is enough and other days it is just the starter of something bigger. 

First write a list of all your favourite movement activities then add walking... This list might be dancing, squats , skipping , running, weights,let the list go on to at least 3 activities.  Get a stopwatch or just a clock and start 20 secs. do that 1st item on the list for 20 secs. have a 10 sec rest (you can get an app or set it on your phone) ... do it for 4 minutes thats 8 times... You have done your first tabata. 

Pick your next activity and repeat for 4 minutes then repeat that again ... there you go 12 minutes( I am sure you took about  1 minute rest in between.)

This Type of thing on a daily basis will not always be intense and sometimes you can just say I will go for a 15 minute walk and doing it every day is all that is required, it is a start.  

I have numerous programs in my training plans for both my Personal training and my Group Challenges. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact me . Or forward this email to a friend.

Become the best you in 2018 from February

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It’s the last few days of January and time 2018 starts hey?!? Probably a weird considering we have been wishing happy new year to many for 28 days at least.. I keep getting the comment though “I’ll start / catch up/ see you when the kids go back to school “ Ok so I have no kids so that does not apply to me so I’ve been wanting to get going for weeks and I have been but oh so slowly it feels. I have watched/ studied videos for my new business ideas but with only little progress it feels until I ran on the weekend.. I ran so well and so long I shocked myself.. I might be a runner but as I haven’t run “my” consistently for over a year due to pain in my leg I was fast. Not my old speed but my goodness I was happy with the result. This is reassuring considering I have committed to run 84km for Bali Hope in May.. it’s now done in my eyes. I say this to mean that as you do the work you get the result. Ps I couldn’t run 84km today without it being ugly but my head knows now I can do it.. So why do I write all this to let you know I want the 84km to be not ugly but a great result for Bali hope crew, classroom of hope , my sponsors my clients and ultimately the kids that get educated and their families as this event will be a gift that keeps on giving.. What I need now is accountability to have the best Michelle turning up tomorrow and all the tomorrows to May23 2018 and also all tomorrows.. So I am starting monthly challenges for anyone that wants to help and participate. February 2018 is the smallest month and it’s February Fast using Fat and Detox It’s all about nutrition and feeling better getting better and living to optimum. I have been researching health and fitness for years and have an announcement. Exercises doesn’t matter , it’s stress then food that creates or kills wellness. Exercise just makes us all feel better in adundance that’s why we do it. We love getting high and this is the best safest cleanest way!! So in February this Thursday 3 days or anytime get on board with my Feb Fast (from sugar, alcohol , grains, gluten) Fat Detox.. What is it you ask?? Start the day with greens , herbal tea , probiotics. Then egg avo veg 1st meal, 2nd meal salad and nuts and meat 3rd meal vegetables and protein The fast part is from last meal to second meal 12-16 hours ie meal 1-3 can only be for 8-12 hours green /drink 6am -meal 3 must be eaten by 6pm - ie that is a Fast , Fasting, Intermittenly If you are keen to keep me accountable please like this post If you are keen to do your own version with support from me email me [email protected] for plan and process. There will be regular feedback forms to send back to me so we can review your results So remember LiKE this post and email me to get more information....

Michelle's Gut Healing Smoothie

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50 grams berries or stone fruits Just the flesh

2 tablespoons of Collagen ( i like Great Lakes)

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 block of frozen spinach or two handfuls of ffresh leaves

juice of 1 lemon or lime

200 mls water unsweetened coconut milk or nut milk (of choice) Aldi's one in australia is a favourite and it is less than $1 per tin

1/2 avocado

Optional 2 tablespoons of chia and or 1 teaspoon of ginger


Does your Job Fulfill you? I can help

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Fun Facts for Wednesday from the Huffington Post and Washington Post on employees that like their job.

Now I don’t have a job and this may become my standard when I get back to employment…

Although being my own boss does have benefits at the moment with the training I need to do to for my event for Bali Hope Ultra at the end of May 2018.

Food for thought from: Facebook, for instance, has discovered that the enduring belief that people quit bosses rather than jobs isn’t quite right. Jobs matter. And FB employees, company research shows, want jobs: — they enjoy, — that play to their individual strengths, and — that allow them “to move forward professionally without taking steps backward at home.” Google, meanwhile, has found that its best teams exhibit a range of what are often derided as “soft skills,” including: — emotional safety, — generosity, — curiosity, — empathy.

I find it super interesting these in reference particularly to my employment history as now I do something that is totally not related to my degree, that I started as a mature 26 year old and totally not related to the choices I made for my HSC subjects… that were at the time seemingly so important to the rest of my life.

So me circa 1988-1990 – In love with a boy I wanted to marry so who needs a job anyway?

Me little miss independent wanted to BE something… So a teacher (the easy option) or a business woman (cause that’s what your role model students were choosing)…

Me got into computer science degree told Dad he was upset so I went and got a job instead….

4 years later overseas holiday for two years and there is my University course practical Business degree major in accounting and Finance… Safe and lots of money, although not a lot of happiness, individual strength playing, balance, curiosity, emotional safety or empathy.

Fast forward 1996- 2006 – Sick Tired and needing a break… 4 month part time PT Course and I found my calling… and along the way lots of great friends but not a lot of work fulfilment. If this sounds like you…

I can help you, I operate my Health Coaching business to help women just like you who are not fulfilled with life choices and need some guidance You don’t want to know its 4 pillars to changing your life … but as we discover what’s going on we will make it simple (although can not promise easy)

Lets get started on the first 12-session program for you becoming your best self with simple strategies to get on track weekly or fortnightly. I am with you every step of the way either on phone, face-to-face or online. You choose! Contact me via this website

It is as they say because “You are worth it “ and others need you to be here for a long time….

Low Vitamin D makes leaky gut worse!!!

Posted on 18 December, 2017 at 1:50 Comments comments (0)

In the challenging phases of life we all learn.In an effort to feel better I am finding out so much about how to heal me and in the process help others.

Food should be our medicine as it is often what makes us sick in the first place but the quick fixers we humans are always look fast result not the slow process

An interesting observation comment made drinking coffee with friends today highlights this further. "It seems I've stopes all the littlethings like daily teaspoon of chia lemon water and regular green tea and I am constantly feeling flat. Do you think that could be it.?"

Simply yes!! It is that old adage of its what we do every day that gets us to where we at not the once in a whiles..

This is my issue and seems the issue of a lot of gut issues as some friends complaints reveal. So what's vitamin d got to do with all this....

The major biologic function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, helping to form and maintain strong bones. It is used, alone or in combination with calcium, to increase bone mineral density and decrease fractures. Recently, research also suggests that vitamin D may provide protection from osteoporosis, hypertension (high blood pressure), cancer, and several autoimmune diseases.

What I learnt from Paleo Answer? Why I am not longer Vego

Posted on 18 December, 2017 at 1:45 Comments comments (0)

After the first read of the Dr Lorain Cordains latest book I am blown away by the revelations so plain and simply stated. So glad he wrote this book on so many levels.

I am going to use this as a massive catalyst for my change in lifestyle again.. I love fine turning what I do…

Popular highlights

Saturated fats don’t promote heart disease cancer or any chronic health problem.. I.e. grass fed meats , eggs fish and seafood

Do need to be careful though I eating too much fat due to the caloric effect.. especially if I am not doing enough exercise.

Referred to Chris Kresser recent blog on 6 sure-fire weight loss tips if going paleo and many comments were made how women tend to gain weight going paleo.. I am finding this too.. A little concerned but feeling better so hard to argue with it. Scales are not the best indicator of health.. As Hippocrates refers the gut is my indicator and that’s whats working on this cycle of my life. I would really like to stay lean and at the moment it is ok.. (like all women once all the clothes in the wardrobe don’t fit will I make a massive change again!)

Human studies , indicate that intermittent fasting reduces blood pressure improves insulin sensitivity, improves kidney function and increases resistance to disease and cancer.. 

I am going to try and utilize intermittent fasting in the next week to ensure the health benefits as indicated by Lorain and also maybe control some of the weight gains….

The only banned vegetables are potatoes, cassava root, sweet corn and beans peas soy green beans and peanuts. ) – other research over the last year has pointed the finger numerous times to these horrid items. Soy, peanuts , corn and potatoes seem to be really ruined for commercial reasons. I am happy to stay away.. being vego for a long time I think I have had my fair share…

Dried fruit should only be consumed in limited quantities as they can contain as much concentrated sugar as a candy bar.

The Last thing I personally need is any reference to candy… I know it is still a problem area for me. I am managing to convince myself now though that I’ve probably had plenty of candy in my time and also the fact that carbs cut a neural pathway to the brain as Dr David Purlmutter indicated in Brain Grain…. I think I need to stay away for more reasons. Getting older definitely focuses me that I am not invincible anymore as does the reality of a friend's unexpected deaths and parents’ illness…

I can’t believe so many things we do in modern world have created the diseases killing us all.. I am so afraid of contracting these affluent diseases and the proof and evidence is easily reference in Dr Cordains Paleo Answer – refer below

AGES (advanced glycation end products) – these compounds that naturally form in our bodies from the chemical reaction of sugars and proteins. – These are directly involved with or accelerate the progression of numerous diseases including metabolic syndrome type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure

Cooking with lemon juice reduces the AGE 

Slow cooking methods such as stewing, poaching, steaming and slow roasting reduce the AGE content of meat

Grilling, searing, frying, anything at high temperature is not good for AGE

One of the greatest improvements you can make in your physical and mental health will be to eliminate not only wheat from your diet but the other 7 major cereal grains as well: rye, barley oats, rice, corn, millet and sorghum. – This is my biggest take home from the book and a message I will pass on to all that will listen. It is the affirmation for Grain Brain and Wheat belly that I needed to read…

So much information is available to us all now but there are some simple points form all these things..

Sugar not fat is making our society sicker and fatter than ever before. Grains are carbohydrates that affect the body in many deadly ways and there are many other more tasty options available for us… I believe including more animals in my meals will heal my gut and overall health for the long term.. I am though blessed with good genetics as is proven by my 97 year old grandmother..

Thanks to my maker on so many levels.