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What I learnt from Paleo Answer? Why I am not longer Vego

Posted on 18 December, 2017 at 1:45

After the first read of the Dr Lorain Cordains latest book I am blown away by the revelations so plain and simply stated. So glad he wrote this book on so many levels.

I am going to use this as a massive catalyst for my change in lifestyle again.. I love fine turning what I do…

Popular highlights

Saturated fats don’t promote heart disease cancer or any chronic health problem.. I.e. grass fed meats , eggs fish and seafood

Do need to be careful though I eating too much fat due to the caloric effect.. especially if I am not doing enough exercise.

Referred to Chris Kresser recent blog on 6 sure-fire weight loss tips if going paleo and many comments were made how women tend to gain weight going paleo.. I am finding this too.. A little concerned but feeling better so hard to argue with it. Scales are not the best indicator of health.. As Hippocrates refers the gut is my indicator and that’s whats working on this cycle of my life. I would really like to stay lean and at the moment it is ok.. (like all women once all the clothes in the wardrobe don’t fit will I make a massive change again!)

Human studies , indicate that intermittent fasting reduces blood pressure improves insulin sensitivity, improves kidney function and increases resistance to disease and cancer.. 

I am going to try and utilize intermittent fasting in the next week to ensure the health benefits as indicated by Lorain and also maybe control some of the weight gains….

The only banned vegetables are potatoes, cassava root, sweet corn and beans peas soy green beans and peanuts. ) – other research over the last year has pointed the finger numerous times to these horrid items. Soy, peanuts , corn and potatoes seem to be really ruined for commercial reasons. I am happy to stay away.. being vego for a long time I think I have had my fair share…

Dried fruit should only be consumed in limited quantities as they can contain as much concentrated sugar as a candy bar.

The Last thing I personally need is any reference to candy… I know it is still a problem area for me. I am managing to convince myself now though that I’ve probably had plenty of candy in my time and also the fact that carbs cut a neural pathway to the brain as Dr David Purlmutter indicated in Brain Grain…. I think I need to stay away for more reasons. Getting older definitely focuses me that I am not invincible anymore as does the reality of a friend's unexpected deaths and parents’ illness…

I can’t believe so many things we do in modern world have created the diseases killing us all.. I am so afraid of contracting these affluent diseases and the proof and evidence is easily reference in Dr Cordains Paleo Answer – refer below

AGES (advanced glycation end products) – these compounds that naturally form in our bodies from the chemical reaction of sugars and proteins. – These are directly involved with or accelerate the progression of numerous diseases including metabolic syndrome type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure

Cooking with lemon juice reduces the AGE 

Slow cooking methods such as stewing, poaching, steaming and slow roasting reduce the AGE content of meat

Grilling, searing, frying, anything at high temperature is not good for AGE

One of the greatest improvements you can make in your physical and mental health will be to eliminate not only wheat from your diet but the other 7 major cereal grains as well: rye, barley oats, rice, corn, millet and sorghum. – This is my biggest take home from the book and a message I will pass on to all that will listen. It is the affirmation for Grain Brain and Wheat belly that I needed to read…

So much information is available to us all now but there are some simple points form all these things..

Sugar not fat is making our society sicker and fatter than ever before. Grains are carbohydrates that affect the body in many deadly ways and there are many other more tasty options available for us… I believe including more animals in my meals will heal my gut and overall health for the long term.. I am though blessed with good genetics as is proven by my 97 year old grandmother..

Thanks to my maker on so many levels.

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