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Does your Job Fulfill you? I can help

Posted on 16 January, 2018 at 20:20

Fun Facts for Wednesday from the Huffington Post and Washington Post on employees that like their job.

Now I don’t have a job and this may become my standard when I get back to employment…

Although being my own boss does have benefits at the moment with the training I need to do to for my event for Bali Hope Ultra at the end of May 2018.

Food for thought from: Facebook, for instance, has discovered that the enduring belief that people quit bosses rather than jobs isn’t quite right. Jobs matter. And FB employees, company research shows, want jobs: — they enjoy, — that play to their individual strengths, and — that allow them “to move forward professionally without taking steps backward at home.” Google, meanwhile, has found that its best teams exhibit a range of what are often derided as “soft skills,” including: — emotional safety, — generosity, — curiosity, — empathy.

I find it super interesting these in reference particularly to my employment history as now I do something that is totally not related to my degree, that I started as a mature 26 year old and totally not related to the choices I made for my HSC subjects… that were at the time seemingly so important to the rest of my life.

So me circa 1988-1990 – In love with a boy I wanted to marry so who needs a job anyway?

Me little miss independent wanted to BE something… So a teacher (the easy option) or a business woman (cause that’s what your role model students were choosing)…

Me got into computer science degree told Dad he was upset so I went and got a job instead….

4 years later overseas holiday for two years and there is my University course practical Business degree major in accounting and Finance… Safe and lots of money, although not a lot of happiness, individual strength playing, balance, curiosity, emotional safety or empathy.

Fast forward 1996- 2006 – Sick Tired and needing a break… 4 month part time PT Course and I found my calling… and along the way lots of great friends but not a lot of work fulfilment. If this sounds like you…

I can help you, I operate my Health Coaching business to help women just like you who are not fulfilled with life choices and need some guidance You don’t want to know its 4 pillars to changing your life … but as we discover what’s going on we will make it simple (although can not promise easy)

Lets get started on the first 12-session program for you becoming your best self with simple strategies to get on track weekly or fortnightly. I am with you every step of the way either on phone, face-to-face or online. You choose! Contact me via this website

It is as they say because “You are worth it “ and others need you to be here for a long time….

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