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Become the best you in 2018 from February

Posted on 29 January, 2018 at 2:00

It’s the last few days of January and time 2018 starts hey?!? Probably a weird considering we have been wishing happy new year to many for 28 days at least.. I keep getting the comment though “I’ll start / catch up/ see you when the kids go back to school “ Ok so I have no kids so that does not apply to me so I’ve been wanting to get going for weeks and I have been but oh so slowly it feels. I have watched/ studied videos for my new business ideas but with only little progress it feels until I ran on the weekend.. I ran so well and so long I shocked myself.. I might be a runner but as I haven’t run “my” consistently for over a year due to pain in my leg I was fast. Not my old speed but my goodness I was happy with the result. This is reassuring considering I have committed to run 84km for Bali Hope in May.. it’s now done in my eyes. I say this to mean that as you do the work you get the result. Ps I couldn’t run 84km today without it being ugly but my head knows now I can do it.. So why do I write all this to let you know I want the 84km to be not ugly but a great result for Bali hope crew, classroom of hope , my sponsors my clients and ultimately the kids that get educated and their families as this event will be a gift that keeps on giving.. What I need now is accountability to have the best Michelle turning up tomorrow and all the tomorrows to May23 2018 and also all tomorrows.. So I am starting monthly challenges for anyone that wants to help and participate. February 2018 is the smallest month and it’s February Fast using Fat and Detox It’s all about nutrition and feeling better getting better and living to optimum. I have been researching health and fitness for years and have an announcement. Exercises doesn’t matter , it’s stress then food that creates or kills wellness. Exercise just makes us all feel better in adundance that’s why we do it. We love getting high and this is the best safest cleanest way!! So in February this Thursday 3 days or anytime get on board with my Feb Fast (from sugar, alcohol , grains, gluten) Fat Detox.. What is it you ask?? Start the day with greens , herbal tea , probiotics. Then egg avo veg 1st meal, 2nd meal salad and nuts and meat 3rd meal vegetables and protein The fast part is from last meal to second meal 12-16 hours ie meal 1-3 can only be for 8-12 hours green /drink 6am -meal 3 must be eaten by 6pm - ie that is a Fast , Fasting, Intermittenly If you are keen to keep me accountable please like this post If you are keen to do your own version with support from me email me [email protected] for plan and process. There will be regular feedback forms to send back to me so we can review your results So remember LiKE this post and email me to get more information....

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