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Bali Hope Ultra 23-29 May 2018 the start of something BIG

Posted on 7 June, 2018 at 19:50

I had no expectations going to Bali on my fitness.. Getting it done was going to be hard I knew that. 84km is not a walk in the park it is a long way and in the dark an added element. And the dogs… If I had have sat and thought through it all I would have probably not even registered in December last year. My biggest obstacle at the time was the money. Could I afford to go and could I raise the money?Both obstacles have been overcome numerous times in my life. I know the old saying too if it means something to a person finding a way is always possible.

A thought of turning 45 and not really employed conventionally anymore has more fear for me than running and helping others ever could… and reality is that just shows perspective. I simplified all I had to do when I signed up in December to run the first Bali Hope Ultra… run for some who can not help themselves at the moment… then all barriers were gone.

The week in Bali before during and after the race was so much more than that but it was that simple to get me up from December 2017 to May 2018 and get the work done. The results for me personally only happened because I showed up to do the training and committed to helping a cause bigger than me. I pushed past the “tough” life I was leading and made me focus on something else made me a better person and that’s a win win.

As I reflect on what is important in this life I have to step away from convention and just feel what is right. What is my purpose and how do I want to show up daily is actually what gets me up out of bed. The world is unfortunately full of a negative feeling because “we have to dos” or “its whats always been done” so we then we start dictating rights and actions based on these things rather than maybe just changing perspective. Don’t get me wrong there are storms for us all.

Some people have worse than others but as we grow and weather these we become better. I know where I am now on so many levels is far removed from who I was 10 years ago , 20 even 30 years ago. Going to Bali highlighted this more for me too. I went to Bali when I was 14 with my parents and siblings. I loved it then and have returned a few times like every 15 years… I have seen so many changes but some things have really remained the same.

The core the essence of the place. Some call it Bali Magic I just call it Love and Support…

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