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Without a Goal no one is safe from the too cold too dark monster!

Posted on 15 June, 2018 at 2:30

You can get up and be what ever you want .. you just need to decide.  The problem is most times we let the seemingly little things step up to ruin the dream or desire we have for ourselves.

This post comes to those who are stuggling at the moment to feel motivated at the moment. I have heard it numerous times from clients over the last week or so and I have stepped to that door myself at times so what are the strategies I use to get through this time.

SInce I returned from Bali and my magical week long trip I have not felt flat .. but I have been thinking what next.  It is motivating to get up in the cold or when it is raiining when you know it is part of a bigger plan and I have done enough events in my life since being a Personal Trainer that doing the work is what gets you across the line better (or worse). 

Due to the ongoing press and sharing around the Bali Hope Ultra I am continually talking about the week and the race so it does keep me focused as I want and desire to live with integrity and authenticity. At the moment this is my goal, although to be perfectly honest is that enough.   Yes it is and it says two things.  It is focus and purpose ie your goal that makes magic happen. I have got great memories from May 23-29 to keep me on track to live with happiness , gratitude , purpose and LOVE authentically and I found that again with Running. So my goal is to keep up the passion for a long long time to come.  With a few events here and there for a bigger purpose then me.

So for me to step into these types of challenges... I need to stay on track. Ie take one step at a time focus on where my body is at and pray through the good and bad to get through. Ultra running teaches you these things. The darker moments not just of light but of pain and suffering as you struggle to walk let along run.. 

The biggest takeaway and thus giveaway to you who ever is reading this is take daily steps to get on yourself on track. I am so thankful that at 45 I could prove to myself and show probably a few others that life can have no limits. Embrace the Impossible and shocked people quietly. or maybe just shock yourself into life.

My purpose for this blog is to start to help even just one person get life back on track. You do not have to run an ultra you just need to feel better about yourself so do as I do.

Keep it simple.

Write a list of 5 things you know you should be doing. Pick two and do them for a week. Every day no excuses no compromises. You will not get a medal but you will see what you can do when you focus. It seems to easy so you may not do it... But if you do it will so be worth it... So get out of bed in winter if you want to go on that holiday is Summer.. So when the tough stuff really comes at you... You are so ready to face it... 

Keep it simple...

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